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Field to Factory: Film and ethnography of industrialisation in Chhattisgarah, Central India

Update 2007. After the training

In January 2002 all the former trainees joined Jandarshan Chhattisgarh Media Centre as production staff.   Soon afterwards some began to move on. 

Contacts are provided only if known to be active in 2007.

Ajay T.G.

Left after six months.  Set up NGO Drksakshi. http://www.drksakshi.org/index.html

as a base for social work and video production.

2005 - Drksakshi started a balangan (children’s space) in a Bhilai slum. This is a school for children who do not go to a government school.

2006 - started Janani video center to train some students from the Balangan in videography and photography as vocational skills.

Productions in 2007 include:

‘Anjaam’ (20 min)
 About Human right activist Dr. Binayak Sen. Imprisoned by  BJP State Government under the Special Public Safety Act.  Can be viewed: http://www.freebinayaksen.org/?m=200710

‘The Other Side of the Mirror’  (forthcoming)

Documentary on inequality in education.

Contacts. Tel +91 788 6535019 tgajay@yahoo.co.uk

Devendra Shukla.

2005 – Left to join Sunil Kumar’s new newspaper ‘Chhattisgarh Daily’ as a journalist.

Pankaj Sudheer Mishra

2003 - left Jandarshan for freelance work in Bombay.

2007 - working in Bombay as scriptwriter and director on TV drama series ‘Bombay Lawyers’.

Contact: (mob) (986) 902-1239


Rita Chandel

Worked for Jandarshan as cameraperson and editor. Also directed. 

2005 - took on responsibility for training course. 

2007 – left Jandarshan.

Shobha Ajay.

Left Jandarshan after about one year. 

2003/07 – tutoring; occasional video editing for drksakshi; set up and ran after school centre for slum children who attend state school but are in danger of dropping out.  (This is separate from the Drksakshi Balangan for children who do not go to school at all.)

Vikas Shrivanker

Left Jandarshan during 2002 to develop family photography business after his father died.  Put brother in charge and returned to Jandarshan. 

2005 - Left to become stills photographer with Sunil Kumar’s new newspaper ‘Chhattisgarh Daily’.

Ramesh Kumar Kurre

2004 - died in road accident while working for Jandarshan. 

Anoop Sahu

2007 - still working with Jandarshan

Kamlesh Kumar Sahu

2004 - obtained advanced training place with a Thompson Foundation project under the EU-India Cross Cultural Programme.  Cooperated with a Danish trainee to make a documentary on alcoholism in their two countries.

Left Jandarshan at the end of 2005.

2006 - obtained job as producer with Lok Sabha TV in Delhi.  Working there at the end of 2007,

Contact: kkspurai@yahoo.com

Raghvendra Chand Singh

Worked for Jandarshan mainly as producer and/or director.

2007 – left Jandarshan   

Sarasvati Adhikari

2004 - Took unpaid leave to take up an editing job in Calcutta.

2005 -  Left Jandarshan and found work as video editor in Delhi.

2007 - in Delhi working as video editor for Vickram Bahl – editing TV news and documentary. See www.itmn.net

Contact: suruadhikari@yahoo.co.in

Tejendra Tamrakar

2005 - left Jandarshan to go freelance.

2007 - freelance work included job as production coordinator and researcher for a film for Al-Jazira International Television.

Contact: tejtam@rediffmail.com