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Field to Factory: Film and ethnography of industrialisation in Chhattisgarah, Central India

The Trainees

Biographies and photos done in 2002

Update 2007 - After the training

Photograph of Ajay.T.G


Hathore Wala
Letters and Learning

Photograph of Ramesh Kumar Kurre

Ramesh Kumar Kurre

Cameraperson, editor, co-editor or producer for 15 films

Photograph of Devendra Shukla

Devendra Shukla

From Earth to Stage
A Village

Photograph of Anoop Kumar Sahu

Anoop Kumar Sahu

Sound recordist, cameraperson or producer/production manager for 21 films

Photograph of Pankaj Sudheer Mishra

Pankaj Sudheer Mishra

Reflected Sound

Photograph of Kamlesh Kumar Sahu

Kamlesh Kumar Sahu

The Last Shelter (RAI)
Uttarheen  (co director)
Every Day Tales
Accidents Don’t Have to Happen

Photograph of Rita Chandel

Rita Chandel

Papa says
The Journey

Photograph of Raghvendra Chand Singh

Raghvendra Chand Singh

Path is the Destiny
Spot for the rainbow campaign

Photograph of Shobha Ajay

Shobha Ajay

Living Memory

Photograph of Saraswati Adhikari

Saraswati Adhikari

Girls becoming self Reliant
Dear Daughters

Photograph of Vikas Shivanker

Vikas Shivanker

Cameraperson or production manager for 14 films

Photograph of Tejendra Tamrakar

Tejendra Tamrakar

All Things bright and beautiful
Guru Ghasidas
Shaheed Vir Narayan Singh