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Field to Factory: Film and ethnography of industrialisation in Chhattisgarah, Central India

Rita Chandel

Photograph of Rita ChandelRita’s family are   from  Mandla  District Madhya Pradesh but are now  living in Bhilai Township where her father works as an orderly in The Bhilai Steel Plant hospital.  She and one of the other trainees, Sarasvati, were class mates at school and both were enthusiastic members of the National Cadet Corps.  Other outside interests are karate, music and Film.

Rita specialised in camera and editing. She is currently doing part time a BA in political science, economics and sociology at Kalyan College, part of Ravishankar University and working full time as cameraperson and editor in Jandarshan, Raipur. At the time of writing she was considering a job offer in Delhi.

Personal ID: rita_Chandel@yahoo.co.in

Main Credits up to 20002 (including student films)

As cameraperson:

From Earth to Stage
Rajiv Gandhi Kisan mitan

As Editor

Path is the Destiny
Shramev Jayate Sheffield

As cameraperson and editor

A town a village ..

As director and editor

Papa says

As co-director and editor

The Journey Sheffield International Film Festival, Sheffield.


Reflected Sound
Path is the Destiny