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Field to Factory: Film and ethnography of industrialisation in Chhattisgarah, Central India

Kamlesh Kumar Sahu

Photograph of KamleshKamlesh was born in Purai village 10 Km from Bhilai. His family comes from one of the villages taken over in 1956 for the development of the Steel Plant. His grandfather worked in the Plant Foundry Shop and his father works in Bhilai Refectories Plant which makes fire bricks for Bhilai Steel Plant.

Kamlesh did a 3-year diploma in Electrical Engineering from Government Polytechnic Dhamtari (Chhattisgarh) in 1999 and is currently studying in his spare time for a B.A. from Pandit Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur in Political Science, Sociology and Hindi Literature. 

During the Jandarshan video training he specialized in sound and direction. He is working now mainly as a director in Jandarshan, Raipur where he has directed films commissioned for I.L.O., I.F.A.D. and Chhattisgarh State Government. Basically he is interested in documentary and short fiction. His main focus of interest is current affairs. He strongly believes that media is a powerful tool for education, awareness information and development.

Personal ID kkspurai@yahoo.com

Main Credits up to 2002 (including student films)

As Director

The Last Shelter (RAI)
Uttarheen  (co director)
Every Day Tales - Sheffield
Accidents Don’t Have to Happen
Chhattisgarh Tribal Development Programme: an Introduction 10 mins
Kal, Aaj aur Ab

As Sound Recordist

The Journey - Sheffield
Dear Daughters - Sheffield
Papa Says…
A Heaven on the Earth