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Field to Factory: Film and ethnography of industrialisation in Chhattisgarah, Central India

Biography: Ajay.T.G

Photograph of Ajay T.G.Ajay was born in Kerala and grew up there in  a large extended family of women and children presided over by one of his father’s brothers.  His father and the other brothers had left to find work elsewhere.   One settled in Bhilai in 1959 where he began by selling tea and now owns a teashop in Powerhouse,  one of the main market areas of Bhilai. He was followed at intervals by all the other brothers.  Ajay’s father arrived in 1969, began working in the teashop and then started a poultry farm, which was wound up in 1991. 

Ajay was co-ordinator of the training unit, a job he did while also enrolled in the diploma course as a student.  At thirty-four he was much older than the other students and came with a range of experience.  He had been actively involved in the All India Youth Federation and became its District Secretary, District President and State Vice President. Under pressure from his father, Ajay left formal education after tenth class and took a succession of jobs in the industrial belt around Bhilai, the longest lasting of them being that of Licensing Agent.  In 1993 he met Jonathan Parry by chance in the waiting room of the Bhilai Steel Plant and shortly afterwards was employed by him as research assistant.  This led to a subsequent job as research assistant for a PhD student from IOWA University, Balmurli Natrajan. .  During both research jobs Ajay was also in charge of taking stills.  Several of his photos have been published with Jonathan Parry’s work. 

After obtaining his diploma, Ajay worked with the Raipur based Jandarshan for six months and then took extended leave to do further research for a book by Balmurli Natrajan and to develop and shoot a related film. 

Ajay married one of his fellow students in 2000, an event recorded in the film Living Memory and they are presently living in Supela, Bhilai with Ajay’s parents. 

Phone:                                      00 91 788 354708

Personal ID                              tgajay@yahoo.co.uk

Main Credits up to 20002 (including student films)

As director:

Hathore Wala.  5 mins. 1999 a portrait of a blacksmith.
Jeet – 17 mins 2001
Letters and Learning  aprox 35 mins 2002

As producer:

The Last Shelter 11 mins 2000

As director/cameraperson or co-director/cameraperson

The Journey 2001
Aadarsh Viwah at Risali Village – 6 mins 2001
Heads and Tales – 22 mins 2002
Living Memory 34 mins 2002

As cameraperson

Papa Kahte hain (Papa says) 5 mins 2000
Uttarheen (Question without answer)  12 mins 2000 Short fiction