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Field to Factory: Film and ethnography of industrialisation in Chhattisgarah, Central India

The Last Shelter – Transcription

Poem used at the beginning of the film

"O old age, I hope you will never come,

if you come, get death along with you,

because there is no place for you to stay here.

Transcription of the Interviews

Mr. Ganesh Deshmukh

I have not had a fight with either my sons or my daughter-in-laws. It is because of their own internal conflicts that they do not get along with me. They did not give me food, even when I was eating separately; they refused me to give rice and dal. Many times I stayed hungry. Other people in the village helped me out. They organized a meeting also. My family members would lie and say that if we do not give him food, then how come he is alive. What could I do then?

Mr. S.  Babatiwala

Recently I have heard that my elder son has gone abroad, but I have not been informed of it so far. My younger son is in Bangalore. Both of them are engineers and have jobs in different places.

Mrs. Mahinder Kour

She would shut the door, not let me have tea. She would not let me eat my food. Often I would go to someone else’s house in the afternoon.

Who harassed you?

My daughter-in-law, who else? I could not adjust with her. Here I can adjust. Even though these women speak in a third class manner. I can bear it. But I could not bear it at home. I would be sitting alone in the house and she would come and abuse me. Even my husband never abused me. I was forced to come here. I did not like coming here; my heart ached. I am from a good background, and where have I landed today?

Mr. Vitthal Solanky

These people could not bring up their children properly, that is why they hate their parents. There is something wrong with the people who have come here.

Many people bring up their children well, provide them an education, even then the children grow up……?

There has to something wrong with them. If someone comes here despite having a well-to-do home, then there is something wrong with him. If one does not have anyone else, then it is different. But if one is well-off and still comes here, there is something wrong with the person.

Mr. S. Babatiwala

The concept of moral responsibility used to exist in earlier times. Today the economical conditions are such that these type of emotions lost. New things have come up. People are interested indifferent things. They are not willing to go along with older people. New boundaries have been created, there are new limitations, and this is causing old people to become alienated from their families.

Mr. Vitthal Solanky

The world is changing, expenses have been increased and people have become fashion–conscious. It is difficult for people to maintain their expenses; also, everyone expects to get shelter free of cost today.