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Field to Factory: Film and ethnography of industrialisation in Chhattisgarah, Central India

Treatment for the documentary


I plan to make a 30 minutes documentary film on the personality, experience and life of my grand father. The film will explore the social and economic change which followed the establishment of Bhilai Steel Plant (B.S.P.) in the region. Through my grandfather's knowledge and experience the film will explore the reactions and fears of people related to establishing the B.S.P.

My grand father is considered a successful person and has a very respected place in the village. He was not only an efficient employee of Bhilai Steel Plant but a successful farmer as well. He is also active in village affairs. He is now 72 and still very busy with his farming and social work in his retirement from B.S.P. Presently he is:

a.       Chief of 'Sahu Samaj' in the village,

b.      Member of judiciary in 'District Sahu Samaj',

c.       He is one of the members of 'Pani Panchayat' (a committee representing 6 villages which supervises irrigation arrangements.)

d.      Director of a co-operative society which provides fertilizers to the farmers on concessional rates.

The beginning of my grand father's career coincided exactly with the building of steel plant. My grand father's experience with B.S.P. has been both good and bad. To begin with there was a very bad experience because his land was taken for the plant. But afterwards when he got service in the B.S.P. in 1961 as compensation for his land, he was able to benefit. He used the salary from the B.S.P. job to acquire land in the new village, Purai, where he had moved in 1956. Then in 1974 his eldest son (my Tauji) also got a job in B.S.P. and began to contribute to the purchase of land. Having started with no land in Purai, the family now owns 32 acres. So, having started with nothing when he moved Dundera to Purai, he is now a prosperous man. He can draw on his own experience and was also an eyewitness to the wider social and economic changes which have taken place in last 50 years.


1.      The film will open with a scene of daily life in the family where my grand father lives with my father and Tauji. Different members of the family are going about their work or play.

2.      A short scene of agricultural work being done by my grand father.

3.      Near Dundera Dam, my grand father tells me about how his land is taken for dam.

4.      A series of shots from modern B.S.P.

5.      Near Dundera Dam, my grand father tells me about reactions and fears which were in people's mind while building up the plant.

6.      My grand father's migration from Dundera to Purai. (Shots with village as Dundera and Purai were looked like in 1960's and how they moved.)

7.      Shots of B.S.P. at foundry shop.  My grand father tells his working experience as a molder in the plant.

8.      Different social activities of my grand father. (Meeting of Judiciary and Pani Panchayat work.)

9.      Discussion by three generations of my family on impact of B.S.P. in the region.

10.  General shots of my village (Purai)

11.  My grand father is busy with his farming.

12.  Discussion about impact of BSP continues, Focuses on the affect on the family.

13.  Scenes from my joint family. Male members of family are having dinner together. Later the whole family, men and women are watching tv.